Flow Chart

Business Modelling

The Sector Inc will ensure your social enterprise has an effective business model. The business model for a social enterprise is the channel that the social entrepreneur converts inputs into outcomes; the generation of both social value (measurable impact) and economic value (revenue).

Brand Strategy


Working with you, and your partner(s) or colleagues, to determine where your areas of strength and competitive advantage intersect with need in the marketplace. The Sector Inc will ensure you have a sound operating and resourcing strategy crucial for creating the organization's intended impact.  


Board Meeting


Helping you to bring your Board on board. Strong boards, strong vision, and earned revenue streams ensure sustainability. The Sector Inc will ensure an organizational understanding and full support of the needs, challenges, opportunities, risks and rewards of non profit-run or start-up social enterprises. 

Analyzing the data

Market Research

Taking your initial idea(s) and doing the legwork to determine what other similar businesses operate locally or in other jurisdictions. Building a sound understanding of the marketplace in order to identify competitors, collaborators and to investigate other related opportunities.

Implementation Planning

Feasibility Study

The Sector Inc works closely with our clients to create an operational snapshot to determine both financial and social feasibility. Our team will ensure your social enterprise will be able to sustain itself on earned revenues without compromising fulfilment of the social impact model.

Giving a Presentation

Business Plan

Building on a successful feasibility study, The Sector Inc will create a dynamic, current-state and future-looking plan including all aspects of operations, staffing needs, financing requirements, social measurement indicators, and legal & corporate structures of best fit for the venture.

Marketing Company

Marketing Strategy

The Sector Inc will create a costed operational marketing strategy that describes key messages, key target client groups, preferred media channels, and measurement indicators of marketing success. The Sector Inc will implement that strategy if an enterprise doesn’t have the capability to run marketing campaigns.

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Partnerships Build

The Sector Inc uses a unique, proprietary technique to engage up to 12 key stakeholders of a social enterprise in a meaningful co-creation session to reallocate business assets–human resources, financial, material, physical–in order establish partnerships needing to refocus  efforts in order to maximize social outcomes.

A business meeting

Social Finance 

The Sector Inc can design and execute a strategy to acquire necessary funds to support your startup. From donations and crowdsourcing, to grants and benefactors, to debt or equity investments, The Sector Inc can recommend the right social financing strategy to help you plan, launch and grow your social enterprise.