The Sector Inc believes that every corporation should become an impact investor. Corporations, through aligning their core business and their philanthropic activities to investing in mission-aligned social enterprises, can help address social and environmental issues in ways that strengthen their competitive positioning and profitability and industry-supporting ecosytem.

We serve as a strategic advisor to leaders and teams, offering customized consulting to corporations on investing in individual and/or building a portfolio of, investee social enterprises. We draw on our experience working with industry-leading multinational clients, nearly two decades of research on innovative and effective practices, and dialogue with practitioners from around the world. 


Developing and strengthening strategies for social finance in corporate sustainability efforts.

CSR and societal engagement portfolios should be have performance measurement governance, mirroring true portfolio theory. For the overall improvement of data-driven interventions and measured outcomes and the impact of the broader-public sector, it is crucial that corporate donors apply this rigor. 

Developing strategies to increase profitability and drive growth while addressing societal problems in your portfolio.

Expect more from your implementing NPO partners. Phase strategies into your philanthropy which influce if not require, your NPO partners to develop sustainable business models. Ween your portfolio organizations off grants and donations; to mature toward developing fee-for-service and product-based business models. Support your portfolio beneficiaries to become cash-flow positive, develop market position, scale, and attract impact investors.  


Guide their journey through their social enterprise business-life-cycle. Develop their funding and capital structure to optimize their ability to finance the ever-growing needed resource-base for their social venture, while proving market-viability and ultimately adding value, to your own innovation-ecosystem. 


  Help them build the capacity to develop robust monitoring & evaluation systems. Allow them to access debt-financing in the form of program-related-investments and social-impact-bonds. Use your expertise to assist them in managing their equity; developing shareholder agreements, issuing convertible debentures and list on private and potentially, public exchanges. This is the true nature of the symbiotic and sustainable relationships which you need to share with your CSR portfolio organizations, in the future. We can help. 

Our Corporate Clients

Corporate Foundation and CSR Leaders
We partner with corporate foundation and CSR leaders to create business-aligned CSR portfolios that achieve measurable outcomes.
Projects: RBC Future Launch, SAP, Accenture Canada.

Business and Sustainability Leaders
Together with business and sustainability leaders, we develop purpose-driven positioning and shared value strategies that achieve profitability and societal impact at scale.
Projects: KPMG Canada

The landmark $755 million dollar investment in Canada's Social Finance Strategy by the Federal Government, marks an immense opportunity for companies to participate and co-create a greater shared-value-based economy, by earmarking their donated funds to foundations/charities/NPO's for growing social enterprises which will be launced by recipients of this funding. We can help.

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