Live, Learn & Thrive

The Sector Inc worked with P&G to channel LLT funding in to programs for children with Autism in Canada. The Live, Learn and Thrive program rooted its focus in improving the lives of children around the world. LLT included 100 different programs found in 60 different countries. 


Supporting Public Health 

The Sector Inc worked with JVF's special projects team to structure a donation to a hospital foundation to fund the establishment of an oncology wing waiting area. The team also worked the foundation & JVF's to design their annual reports to include a description of the initiative for their stakeholders. 


RBC Future Launch 

The Sector Inc worked with RBC  to facilitate a dialogue with a government funded workforce development agency to explore acting as primary sponsor of a national youth-led workforce development forum. The opportunity was not pursued in light of a change in core government funding.