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The Sector Inc helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses and their social impact with expert advice, mentorship and connections to capital.
For entrepreneurs at the pre-investment stages, we provide tailored advice, intensive education and access to the tools and resources needed to get your venture ready for investment.

Financial Advisor

Capital Advisory

The Sector Inc guides opportunities across the spectrum from charitable foundations looking for new ways to invest their endowments, to social service organizations seeking new revenue sources and governments trying to create and fund effective social programs with taxpayer dollars 
working with all these types of organizations. 



The Sector Inc helps charitable foundations develop investment strategies that help sustain their endowments and help tackle the social issues they care about. We will ensure your investment thesis, capital structure, due-diligence, disbursement, management, governance,  reporting, marketing, and fundraising align to your impact goals and those of your related ecosystem partners.  

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The Sector Inc works with governments at all levels to bring private investment to bear on social issues. Our team of experts help governments harness the rigour of the markets to deliver high-performing programs and make public funds go further. We develop strategies and support governments to implement impact investing programs.

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Service Providers

The Sector Inc works with Impact Investors to enable potential new source of funding for non-profit organizations. Our team works in tandem with investors and service providers to develop programs that can be funded in this way, and help them connect with potential investors. We will ensure that your fee-for-service approach is correct to scale.

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Change Management 

Creating the conditions for investment in all types of organizations The Sector Inc serves, is challenging change management. We can support all aspects of organizational design and re-structure which will be required to not only attract investment but to continually deliver returns to impact investors and to develop this permanent capability.