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The Sector Inc works with governments at all levels to bring private investment to bear on social issues. Our team of experts help governments harness the rigour of the markets to deliver high-performing programs and make public funds go further. We develop strategies and support governments to implement impact investing programs.

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The Sector Inc helps foundations develop investment strategies that sustain their endowments and tackle social issues they care about. We ensure your investment thesis, capital structure, due-diligence, disbursement, governance,  reporting, marketing, and fundraising align to your impact goals and those of your related ecosystem partners. 

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The Sector Inc works with companies to enable investment-in and running-of, community programs which yield impact and a social return on investment. Our experts will guide your team through program selection, due-diligence, setting up management for oversight and continuous involvement and improvement of portfolios.

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Social enterprise may be grown  within a charity. The Sector Inc will ensure digital & transactional, major-gift and planned-giving, support the incubated social enterprise; which in turn must exist to service to mission of the parent charity. Our team works in tandem with investors and service providers to develop programs that can be funded in this way, and help them connect with potential investors.

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Social Enterprise

The Sector Inc helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses and their social impact with expert advice and connections to capital and all elements of organizational design.
For entrepreneurs at the pre-investment stages, we provide tailored advice, intensive education and access to the tools and resources needed to get your venture ready for investment. 

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College Campus


The Sector Inc works with universities, colleges, hospital foundations, community organizations, recreation, and all institutional administrators of social infrastructure. Being major sources of philanthropy, fundraising, investing and community service delivery, The Sector Inc works with institutions to develop strategy to participate in social enterprise and the growing social finance ecosystem.  

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