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Funding for Alberta Non-profit Organizations: Community Initiatives Program

The Community Initiatives Program (CIP) provides funding to support initiatives that enhance and enrich communities throughout Alberta.


The Community Initiatives Program (CIP) provides funding for organizations that create opportunities for Albertans to engage with and help develop their communities.

CIP outcomes are to:

  • strengthen leadership and organizational capacity of community organizations

  • support community-driven goals that have a public benefit

Funding streams

CIP has 3 distinct funding streams:

  • Project-Based

  • Operating

  • Major Cultural and Sport Events

Funding streams at a glance:

Multiple applications

Organizations can apply for one capital and one non-capital grant per government fiscal year (April 1-March 31).

  • Non-capital grant requests can be accessed through any one of the Community Initiatives Program (CIP) grant streams (Project-Based, Operating, or Major Cultural and Sport Events).

  • Capital grant requests can be accessed under CFEP and capital equipment grant requests can be accessed through CIP Project-Based.


CIP is guided by a set of principles that help guide decision-making and administration of the grant program. These principles are:

  • community-driven public benefit

  • transparency

  • equity

  • accountability

  • flexibility

  • simplicity

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