Sinzer has developed a unique software solution for impact management. Whether you are a public authority, social enterprise, investor, funder, non-profit organization or a corporate, measuring, monitoring and managing your impact with our software helps you to make better decisions, improve your impact and enables you to be accountable to stakeholders.

Manage your data and save time

  • Efficient and simple data input.

  • Use existing databases filled with examples of outcomes, indicators and proxies

  • Use standard templates from our library to build your own impact framework.

An impact template enables you to measure the social impact of multiple projects (or companies) in a standardized way. It contains stakeholders, effects, (validated) indicators and valuations, and can even include a standardized questionnaire that can be sent to stakeholders to collect data. Templates can be used to benchmark and merge the impact of different projects (or companies) to create a clear picture of the total impact of your organization or project.

Show your results

  • Visualize data in clear dashboards

  • Share tables and charts with others

  • Export your results to Excel, CSV and Word

The results of your project are displayed in automatically generated and updated graphs. The Sinzer too has a dashboard per project that provides a clear overview of data collected. It also offers the possibility to zoom in on different results so that they can easily be compared with performance at other times or with other projects.

The Sinzer tool gives users and guest access to your data whenever you want, wherever you want.

Customizable in your own look and feel

  • Create your own accounts for different funds or departments within your organization, or for your customers

  • Develop a customized personal impact framework

  • Everything can be made in your own look and feel

The Sinzer software can be customized in the corporate identity of every organization. And because every organization is structured in a different way. Sinzer enables you to create your own community for measuring impact in which you can create a single or multiple accounts. Choosing between the number of accounts, depends on what type of organization your are and how you would like to work.


Please download our case: ‘Social Business Case foster family homes’ (PDF) which contains:

  1. Background: Social Business Case foster family homes

  2. Setting up your SROI project in the software

  3. Gathering data: Using individuals and surveys

  4. Results: Dashboard and export features for projects

  5. Aggregate results from multiple projects

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