The Sector Inc will ensure that all available government, foundation, corporate, philanthropic, crowd-sourced and international funding are pursued when consulting around the scaling of social enterprise. The Sector Inc team will ensure that every potential source of capital is leveraged.

Business Modelling

The Sector Inc offers consulting services to individuals, non-profits and charities, co-operatives and private sector (hybrid) companies. We create innovative ways for investors to fund social enterprises and charities with investments that create both a financial return for them and a dividend for society.

Corporate Strategy

The Sector Inc assists corporations to make investments in entrepreneurs and prescient business models that share their corporate values. Our team will bring due-diligence to ensure a corporate portfolio of scalable and socially responsible services and ventures coming to market.

Impact Investing

The Sector Inc guides opportunities across the spectrum from charitable foundations looking for new ways to invest their endowments, to social service organizations seeking new revenue sources and governments trying to create and fund effective social programs with taxpayer dollars 
working with all these types of organizations. 

Impact Management

Impact data can be translated into actions and policies that achieve more positive social impact. The Sector Inc will help build and structurally embedded an impact management system for your organization. Our team will assist your organization in developing a Theory of Change and to create an Impact Road Map so that you can align your operational activities with  impact ambitions. 

Change Management

Creating the conditions for impact investment in all types of organizations The Sector Inc serves, is challenging change management. We can support all aspects of organizational design and re-structure which will be required to not only attract investment but to continually deliver improving returns to impact investors and to develop this permanent capability.

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