The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for your organisation

17 global goals set by 193 countries; the SDGs form THE global action agenda for climate, sustainability and social justice until 2030.

Your organisation, business or investments can make an important contribution in realising the SDGs: the goals can provide direction for your strategy and concrete actions with regard to sustainability and societal challenges. Moreover, the SDGs can serve as framework for your (annual) reports and can be used in communication to demonstrate your organisation’s purpose and impact.

Which SDG goals does your organisation focus on? How do you contribute to these goals? How much impact do you have on your focus SDGs? We can help you answer these questions. 

Where to start?

To embed the SDGs in your organisation, the following three steps are relevant:

1. SDG strategy

What do the SDGs comprise of and which goals are relevant in your organisation’s context? How do your products and services contribute to which SDGs (or not)? How can you improve your impact?

We help you capture the answers to these questions in a concrete SDG strategy

2. Measure impact on SDGs
How do you measure your results, contribution and impact on the SDGs?  

We help you to set concrete, realistic goals; as well as monitor the results and impact that your organisation creates in relation to these goals, using standard KPIs from our database:

3. SDG-proof impact report
How do you communicate your results to stakeholders?  

We help you develop ‘SDG-proof’ impact reports and provide you with insights from the data that help you continuously improve your impact on the SDGs.

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